We present to you the roulette dozen software, one of the most successful roulette software of 2020. Adjust the settings, let it play itself for 24 hours. You can play on all evolution game tables.


Roulette Dozen Bot Software

Roulette dozen software is one of the most requested software by our customers. Roulette dozen software is a 24/7 automatic self-playing bot software. It works on all casino sites and evolution gaming roulette tables.

The logic of the software : The last two digits are from different dozen regions. As you can see in the video below, the final numbers are 3-33. The software will bet on DOZEN-1 and DOZEN-3. The incoming number is 10 and he won.If he loses, MartinGale will. Look at 3:16 seconds of the video. The last numbers 7-4-31 will make the software bet on DOZEN-1 and DOZEN-3. and the incoming number 16 loses the bet. Then he makes a MartinGale and bets DOZEN-1 and DOZEN-2 for $3. The number 5 comes up and wins the bet.

Start and Stop setting: We’ve added a start and stop setting for the best management of money in your account. If you set the start to 4, the software will follow without betting, if it loses 4 times, it will start betting. The stop setting should be higher than the start setting. If you set the example Stop to 6, the software will perform the MartinGale 3 times. and no more MartinGale


Let’s give an example. Let’s set the start setting to 2 and the stop to 5. The software will start betting after losing 2 times without betting. and a total of 4 rounds of MartinGale will do. ((5-2)+1 )=4. He will play more if he loses 4 rounds. Roulette dozen bot software Works on all roulette tables. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Roulette Dozen Bot Software

                     Roulette Dozen Bot Software




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