We present to you the roulette dozen software, one of the most successful roulette software of 2020. Adjust the settings, let it play itself for 24 hours. You can play on all evolution game tables.


Roulette Dozen Bot Software

Roulette dozen software is one of the most requested software by our customers. Roulette dozen software is a 24/7 automatic self-playing bot software. It works on all casino sites and evolution gaming roulette tables.

The logic of the software : The last two digits are from different dozen regions. As you can see in the video below, the final numbers are 3-33. The software will bet on DOZEN-1 and DOZEN-3. The incoming number is 10 and he won.If he loses, MartinGale will. Look at 3:16 seconds of the video. The last numbers 7-4-31 will make the software bet on DOZEN-1 and DOZEN-3. and the incoming number 16 loses the bet. Then he makes a MartinGale and bets DOZEN-1 and DOZEN-2 for $3. The number 5 comes up and wins the bet.

Start and Stop setting: We’ve added a start and stop setting for the best management of money in your account. If you set the start to 4, the software will follow without betting, if it loses 4 times, it will start betting. The stop setting should be higher than the start setting. If you set the example Stop to 6, the software will perform the MartinGale 3 times. and no more MartinGale


Let’s give an example. Let’s set the start setting to 2 and the stop to 5. The software will start betting after losing 2 times without betting. and a total of 4 rounds of MartinGale will do. ((5-2)+1 )=4. He will play more if he loses 4 rounds. Roulette dozen bot software Works on all roulette tables. Please contact us if you need further assistance.



Version Advancements:


Embark on a journey enriched with enhancements as we introduce Version This iteration ushers in a revolutionary feature – the “Automatic Win Threshold.” Experience precision gaming as the software seamlessly halts upon reaching your specified winning target. For instance, imagine playing with $1 bets, with your balance ascending from $1000 to a coveted $1100. As your winnings align with this figure, the software gracefully concludes its operation. Moreover, revel in the sophistication of a redesigned interface.




  1. Choose Coins: As you set foot in the “Choose Coins” section, you’re greeted with the opportunity to select your betting denomination. This is the value that each chip you play with carries. For instance, if you opt for a $1 denomination, each chip represents this amount.
  2. Balance: Please enter the amount of money in your account here.
  3. Target Balance: When you reach how much balance, the software will stop. please write here.
  4. Balance: The total balance amount in your account.
  5. Lost: It shows how many consecutive losses have occurred.
  6. Log: Showing 2 different dozen recent arrivals.
  7. Losses wait : The “Losses wait” setting is a control for risk level. For example, if you set it to 4, the software will make a bet on the 5th round if it loses 4 rounds without betting.
  8. MartinGale setting: It will be enough to set how many times you want martingale to be made with the martingale adjustment button.
  9. Log: Shows the last incoming numbers.
  10. Start software: When you press the “PLAY” button, the software will start working.
  11. Stop software: When you press the ‘Stop’ button, the software will stop running.

The most frequently asked questions about Roulette Dozen Software

  • Can the Roulette Dozen software guarantee that I will win at Roulette?

The software has been developed since 2018 and is constantly being updated. We can guarantee that you will win with a success rate of 94,9%. The Stop-Loss feature in the software can reduce the risk factor by up to 1%.

  • Is it legal to use Roulette Dozen software software in all casinos?

You don’t need to worry because this software is completely legal. It goes unnoticed by Evolation Gaming and there won’t be any issues. You can use Roulette Dozen software 24/7 because its usage is completely legal and safe.

  • If I have any questions or issues related to the software, is there technical support or customer service available?

If you have any questions or need technical support for the Roulette Dozen software software, you can contact our customer service team. Our customer service team provides support in many languages and is available 24/7. Additionally, if you have any questions about using the software, our support team will be happy to assist you.

  • Which roulette tables does Roulette Dozen Strategy software work on?

Roulette Dozen bot software works on all roulette tables of Evolation Gaming company.


  • How can I use Roulette 2 dozens strategy software? Is the installation and usage difficult?

Roulette Dozen software is available for use on Windows computers and requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM. The installation process is quite easy, and a video tutorial is available within the downloaded file. After installation, the software is also very easy to use. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily customize the software and make it suitable for your preferred betting strategies. Additionally, if you encounter any issues while using the software, you can take advantage of 24/7 live support to receive technical assistance.

  • Which casinos can I use Roulette Dozen software software in?

The Roulette Dozen software can be used in all online casino sites worldwide. So, you don’t need to choose a specific casino to use the software. The software can work smoothly on different casino sites.

  • Do you provide technical support after purchasing the software?

Yes, we provide 24/7 technical support.

  • How is the delivery process?

After making the payment, the license key and software file are automatically sent to your email address. Additionally, you can access the system by clicking on “My Account” -> “Orders” -> “View”.

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Roulette Dozen Bot Software

Roulette Dozen Bot Software




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