Roulette number tracking software is an auto-playing bot software. It works on all casino sites.


Roulette Number Tracking

Roulette Bot Software

We launched roulette number tracking software in 2018. Made 6 major updates.
By activating the automatic mode, the software bets itself 24/7. If you want, you can play the result yourself by using the manual mode.

Roulette number tracking software analyzes 100.000 numbers that have already appeared.

Automatic mode = If you use the roulette number tracking software in automatic mode, it does everything automatically.

  • Detection of outgoing numbers.
  • To analyze.
  • Automatic betting.
  • MartinGale doing when lost (Optional).

Manual Mode = When you enter the last number on the roulette table, the software will analyze for you.
You can bet on the result of the analysis in the neighboring bets section of the roulette table.

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Roulette Number Tracking


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