Baccarat automatic betting software. It monitors and analyzes the Baccarat game 24/7 and makes bets at the right time.


Baccarat Bot Software

Baccarat bot software is the fastest money making software we developed in 2022. It monitors four baccarat tables at the same time and makes automatic bets. The software checks the first baccarat table, if the last PLAYER is the PLAYER, the BANKER is the banker. if he loses, he checks the second table and bets on the last one. If he wins, it’s over. if he loses, he continues to bet on the third table.

Start and Stop setting: We have added a start and stop setting for the best management of the money in your account. If you set the start to 4, the software will follow without betting, if it loses 4 times, then it will start betting. The stop setting should be higher than the start setting. example If you set Stop to 6, the software will perform MartinGale 3 times. and no more MartinGale


Let’s give an example. Let’s set the start setting to 2 and set the stop to 5. The software will start betting after losing 2 times without betting. and a total of 4 rounds of MartinGale will do. ((5-2)+1 )=4. if he loses 4 rounds he will play more.





Baccarat Bot Software

Baccarat Bot Software


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